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The Telelever class R-1100GS & 1200 This is the R.O "Rudy
Ottenhoff" B.M.(Netherlands)
He has done a few modifications on it,and its looks a beautiful bit of kit.
Far as the cylinder head concern,MEZ have done Triple plug conversion.
Also inlet valve increased to 39mm,and exhaust valve 34mm.
Crank shaft oil ways has been redirected,since played up at DAYTONA 1997.

R-1100GS/R1200 & K-1100/K1200RS. Qty Price:
R  Gasflow Cylinder Heads,new guides,cut seats. Pair £330
"R" Gasflow Cylinder Heads,new guides,over size valve seats 39/32. Pair
"R" Twin plug, conversion (extra four )...Look at the pictures . Pair £190
"R" Reclaim damaged combustion chamber new seat,guide,weld re profile etc. Each £P.O.A.
"R" Aluminium bronze valve guide supply,fit,cut seat. Each £20
"K" Gasflow Cylinder Head. cut seats    K-1100/K1200RS Pair £290

B.M.W.In action Rudy Him self at Donington In His workshop. Twin plug conversion (extra four).

R-450... to .....R-1000's Qty Price:
Gasflow Cylinder Heads, guides,cut seats. Pair £150
Gasflow Cylinder Heads, guides,new Lead free seat seats. Pair £220
Gasflow Cylinder Heads, guides, Lead free seat seats.Twin plug, conversion. Pair £280
Reclaim damaged combustion chamber seat,guide,weld re profile etc. Each £P.O.A.
Aluminium bronze valve guide supply,fit,cut seat.(Exhaust Guide last 20K,Inlet 30K!!) Each £13or£48 for 4
Over Size Inlet & Exhaust(Lead free) Valves seat eg: 38/34,40/38,42/40,44/40mm. Each £45
Twin plug, conversion only. Pair £90
Lead free seat conversion ,(only exhaust have to be done) Pair £85
Exhaust thread reclaim...Exhaust Thread each £50

B.M.W. Exhaust thread reclaim

Single Cylinder F-650 Qty Price:
B.M.W.Gasflow F-650cc (STD Valves 36/31mm) new guides,cut seats. each £190
B.M.W.Gasflow Cylinder Head,new guides,over size valve (seats) 39/34 mm. +valves £260
B.M.W F-650 Reangled port/new manifold,new guides,
over size valve (seats) using 40/34 mm.
+valves £520
B.M.W.Aluminium bronze valve guide supply,fit,cut seat. each £15
B.M.W.Inlet Valve,and Exhaust valve 40/34mm. each £38

BMW 650 reangled port. B.M.W.680cc 39 Inlet 34 Exhaust Valves BMW 650 and FC-39.

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