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The MOTODD Laverda bike we raced in BOTT under Paul Taylor banner.Cylinder head developed by Mez well known down draft inlet ports specialist,which produced at the time BHP 105.
Work on 350/500 Montjuik,750 Twins,Jota RGS,SFC 1000 etc.
Don't forget your lead free,seat conversion.

Laverda. Qty. Price:
Jota Gas flow Cylinder Head,new guides,cut seats. Each £240
Bore Del-Orto bore carbs out 36mm and fit velocity stacks (Bell mouth) Set of 3 £195
Or just Bore Del-Orto carbs out 36mm Set of 3 £90
Aluminium bronze valve guides supply/fit/cut Each £14
Aluminium bronze valve guides supply only
You fit it
Each £10
Lead free seat supply,fit,and cut seat.
(3 exhaust need doing only)
Each £45
Laverda Twins 750 SF2
Bore 840cc,bore out cast skulls insert,re-weld and start all over,bath tub shape,squisLead free exhaust -Inlet seats new guides (4),gas flow,incl 42/36 valves.10mm spark plug at 45deg it is tasty!!
Each Head £650

C.N.D. Design and build frames & engines T:01908 611192 Ask For George. Laverda Twin SF bath tub shape 42/36 valves 10 mm spark plugs Laverda Twin SF before and after,comp up 10.5:1 to 11:1 A jota Cylinder Head Reangeld & 41mm carburater Laverda SF2 head modified better then Electronica SFC Laverda SF2 head modified Laverda SF2 head 42/36 valves look the seat width that where power comes!

Laverda 85mm Piston speciali made for the job,Squis match conbastion chamber ! Laverda 85mm Piston,barrel bored to take new liner 840cc. ! Laverda 85mm Piston,barrel bored,to take out 840cc . ! Laverda 85mm liner,takes to 840cc,made out solid billet. ! Laverda twins guides Factory combastion chamber !

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All the prices in this list are correct at the time of publishing, but we reserve the right to alter prices without notice.