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Graph shown below is a Ferrari-V8 four valve cylinder,
notice the improvement
the curves showing increased mid range power and a top-end gain of 56 bhp.
Managed to fill a huge hole.
Ferrari V-Eight (Classics). Qty. Price:
Gas flow Cylinder Head,new guides,cut seats. Two heads £920.
Lead free seat conversion on a Ferrari-V8 (16 seats ). Two heads £880
Aluminum bronze valve guide supply,fit,cut seat (32 ). Each guide £24

Aston Martin Classics Qty. Price:
Aston-Martin Lead-free seat conversion supply,fit,cut (DB/5 & DB/6) Each seat £75.
Aston-Martin bronze valve guide supply,fit,cut (DB/5 & DB/6) Each guide £35.
Aston-Martin fit over size valve 2.100" Dia (DB/5 & DB/6) Each head £600.+Valves

Rover Lead Free Series. Qty Price:
Gas flow Cylinder ,Lead Free Seats A Each £450.
Gas flow Cylinder, Lead Free Seats B Each £450
Gas flow Cylinder, Lead Free Seats . MGC Each £730
Gas flow Cylinder, Lead Free Seats V-8 Pair £740

Lagonda DB5/  DB/6 Graph is show Before & After

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