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Nortons has been raced for the long long time,
MEZ have been involved with Nortons since 1972.

Services Available

Makes: Price:
Norton 500/600/750/850Big Valve Conversion Inc,guides,seats,inlet valves and Gas flow.(33mm port) £230 inc
inlet valves
750/850, as above plus "boat"/squish shape
Combustion chamber (Big valve 41mm)

"D" shape exhaust port.
£380 inc
inlet valves
Gasflow,750/850,"boat"/squish Combustion chamber only "D" shape exhaust port. £250
Valves not inc
"D" shape exhaust port only. £105
A pair of MK1 32 Carbs bored 33mm pair of stack
--Smooth bore
£70 pair
carbs not inc
Norton Exhaust thread 500/600/750/850. £43 each
Norton Twin plug 500. £125
Each head
Norton Atlas Big/valve Conversion
inc/41mm inlet/seats and gas-flow.
£230 inc
inlet valves
Balance crankshaft for the above modification.Balance crank and piston £48
600/750/850,Crank shaft bolts set of six. £8 set
Norton 750/850, (41)mm inlet valves.Harden & temperd £50 pair
Norton 750/850,Std exhaust valve. £40 pair
Smooth bore Amal Mk1 to 28-33mm and fit velocity stack.
You supply carburetor
£70 pair
Supply Velocity stacks (Bell-mouths) for Amal Mk2 from 32mm-40mm choke size £25 each
Supply Velocity stacks (Bell-mouths) for Amal Mk1/from 28mm-33mm choke size £25 each
Standard Aluminium-bronze valve guides, supplied fitted and re cut seats £15 each
Supply over sized guides only £12 each
Lead free,seats for 500/600/750/850 fitted and re cut. £45 each seat
Stripped Exhaust thread reclaim for 500/600/750/850. £48 each thread
Lighten and polish rockers, set of four. £80
Gas flow only 500/600/750/850. £110 each
Twin manifold for Dominator £38
Reclaim cylinder head (Dropped valve) £85.
1,Piston pockets,2,face cylinder head, 3,crankshaft balance, shorten push rods etc. £20,18,42

One piece velocotistack Smoth bored velocotistack Smoth bored velocotistack Domi twin manifold 41/33 Inlet Exhaust valve One of many of Big/valve conversion by Mez Porting

41/33 I/E bath tub shape Bath tub and Squis D Shape exhaust port MK1 Bell Mouth 33mm MK2 Bell Mouth 34mm MK2 Bell Mouth 38mm

Norton 850 Reangeled port Norton 750 and pair of MK1 whith satcks Lightend and polished Rockers Twin Plug 750 Norton This is first Twin Plug 750 Norton This is a Atlas head 10mm long reach Norton 750 inlet exhaust guides Norton 850 inlet exhaust guides Norton Crank shaft bolts set of six

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