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Two valve T-3 round & MK5 Square heads Qty. Price:
Gasflow Cylinder Head, guides,cut seats. Pair £150
Mk5 fit 49/42 valves,flow,4 guides with Twin plug (10mm)
redirect oilways put a shoulder on it 95mm.  Lead free Seats
Pair £600,+valves
MK5 Piston for the above 95mm Pair £380
For MK5-set 49/42 of Inlet & Exhaust valves (Four) Four £160
Gas flow Cylinder Heads,guides,fit over size valve New inlet & exhaust seats 44/37 mm,Lead free seat
(T-3 & Square heads).
Pair £350,+valves
Aluminium bronze valve guide supply,fit,cut seat. Each £15
Lead free seat conversion only   on MK5/ T-3 heads Pair £90
Twin plug, conversion .(T-3 only) Pair £140
Twin plug, conversion .(Square heads) Redirect the oil ways pair £290
15deg re angel ports,gas flow,guides,Lead free seats,in 44mm/ex 37mm.Will take 41mm Del'Ortos (T-3 only) Pair £560,+valves
(Bell mouth) velocitie stack Each £28

T-3 Reangled ports 42mm carbs MK5-with 49 Inlet 42 Exhaust Using 95 dia piston,Twin plug

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All the prices in this list are correct at the time of publishing, but we reserve the right to alter prices without notice.