Automotive Calculations for Racing Bikes


Design Your Own Internal Combustion Engine

Ignition Circuit Simulation

Aerodynamic and Rolling HP Loss Calculation

Compression Ratio Calculation

Miles-Per-Gallon Estimation Calculation

Speedometer Gear Calibration

RPM & MPH Correlation

Best Differential Gear

Best Header

Battery Cold-Cranking Amp Estimation

Battery Cold-Cranking Amp Temperature Adjustment

Compression Ratio Influence

Engine Displacement Calculation

Driveshaft Velocity Calculation

Roadway Vehicle Dynamometer

ET and MPH Environmental Correction

Cylinder Head Flow Correction

Holley Carburetor Jet Program

Intake Runner Harmonic Pulse Prediction

Fuel Injector Sizing Program

Rough Engine Horsepower Estimation Program

RPM Range Program

Optimum Shifter Program

MegaSquirt - Electronic Fuel Injection System Plans

Electronic Fuel Injector Tester and Analyzer Plans

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